Final Runfessions of 2018

Here we are: In that sort of wonderful no man's land between Christmas and New Years. That time when there's no school, probably a reduced work schedule...who really knows what day it is? All fun and games aside, it's time for the Runfession Friday Linkup to open one more time to usher out 2018.
You may have noticed I'm writing on a different blog. My Wordpress one is broken. Hopefully someday soon it'll be fixed but today is not that day. Welcome to my temporary digs. Let's get started shall we?

I runfess karma is a biotch. I told you last month I saw a trainer at the gym who had a hole in the butt of her leggings and I neglected to tell her. Just a few weeks later I discovered a hole in my own leggings. In the crotchular region no less. Thankfully I was in the privacy of my own home when said discovery was made. I've been so fond of Athleta tights up to this point. Now my confidence is shaken.

Now that training for the Tokyo and London Marathons is in full…